Family Law

Are you unhappy in your marriage or relationship? Are you thinking of separating? Have you already separated or divorced? We offer legal services in all aspects of family law such as child custody, property, spousal maintenance, child support and family violence.


Are you married? Have you been separated for 12 months from your spouse? Do you want to get a divorce? We can assist you with your divorce application and your parenting and property matters.


Are you looking for an accredited mediator? Do you need a section 60I certificate? Do you want to stay out of Court? Want to know more about Collaborative family law? We can offer you the services of an accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner.

Wills & Estates

Do you need a Will? Do you need a Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship? Have you been left out of a Will? We are specialist Wills and Estate lawyers who can assist you in all your will and estate planning needs.

Cominos Family Lawyers

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We are Australia’s first and only
Healthy Family Law Practice.

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We care, we listen and we go the extra-mile for you.

Our lawyers are experts in Family Law, Wills and Estate and Conveyancing matters. We are a legal practice that is holistic and looks after the needs of your entire family. We care about what is best for you and your family and listen to your needs, interests and concerns.

We know that to perform the very best for you, we must be at our peak and with this in mind, we have created Australia’s first Healthy Family Law Practice, where we live, breathe and speak the values of health and well-being.

Honey our Moodle, forms part of our healthy work place and she brings joy and well-being to all who meet her.

Come and try our difference, we know you won’t be disappointed. All appointments are confidential, we would love to hear from you today. Contact us.

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