Pre and Post Separation Advice

Are you unhappy in your marriage or relationship? Are you thinking of separating? Have you already separated or divorced? We provide easy to understand and sound advice to protect you and your children.

Custody and Child Support

Do you want to know where your children will live or how much time they spend with each parent? Are you concerned about how you will afford to care for children or do you want to relocate?

Property Disputes and Settlements

We are experts in protecting and preserving property. We know how hard people work to build wealth and assets. We advise you of your rights so that you can make long-term finanical decisions with confidence.

Collaborative Family Law

Are you looking for a healthier and better way to divorce or separate? We encourage our clients to consider collaborative family law. It is a win-win approach for families going through divorce or separation.

Sydney's Best Family Lawyers

We protect you, your children and financial future in divorce or separation matters.

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We are Australia’s first and only
Healthy Family Law Practice.

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We are Sydney’s best family law specialists.

We know the importance of providing advice and representation that keeps children out of parental conflict. When children are exposed to long-term conflict it can have a negative impact on their emotional and psychological well-being. We understand that divorce or separation is difficult and a time of anxiety. It is our focus to advise and get results that protects your financial future.

Come and try our difference, we know you won’t be disappointed. All appointments are confidential, we would love to hear from you today. Contact us.

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