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6 Tips To Avoid Expensive Divorce Legal Costs

6 Tips to avoid expensive divorce legal costs

Your world is shattered! You’ve just been told that your marriage is over and you’re on your own. You’re feeling angry, bitter and betrayed – and you vow to spend every last penny on lawyers instead of giving anything to your ex!

But….wait after a while you calm down and realise that the best revenge is cutting your ties and forging a happy and meaningful life without that person. Remember we only love and stay in relationships with those who love us, respect us and want us!

Here are 6 tips to avoid expensive divorce legal costs!

  1. Stay out of court


The cost of going to court is not only financial but also emotional. Once you start the court process you could spend anyway from $10,000 right up to $200,000 depending on the complexity of your matter and the level of conflict!


Although it may seem like you will get justice or revenge or recognition the truth is that going to court is an exhausting, frustrating and often unrewarding experience. Even if you feel you have ‘won’ – you ex will do something, like breach orders or challenge child support or stop the children from seeing you that your momentary ‘win’ unravels.


  1. Work with a family law specialist only


Although at first it may seem like a family law specialist is expensive (the average hourly rate is $400 per hour plus GST)- in the end you will see that you have spent well! Not only are you getting the best family law advice, but you are also saving time, because family law specialist know what they are doing!


The days of going to a generalist lawyer who dabbles in all kinds of law are seriously gone.


We live in a complex and specialist world where the best lawyers specialise. It takes many years of training and practical experience to confidently and strategically provide advice and representation to people going through divorce or separation.


Parenting matters are not straight-forward, and it requires often a delicate and considered and balanced approach to assist parents experiencing conflict or disagreement with the other parent.


If you want to best protect your property or financial matters –using a specialist family law specialist will offer you advice, tips and guidance that will bring you value and protect your long-term financial future.


Remember you get what you pay for.


  1. Be organised

The more preparation and organisation that you can do the better. For example, it is very helpful for your lawyer to have a chronology of significant events that have occurred before, during or after your relationship. Significant events include the birth of children and the purchase of property or other assets or inheritances.


When you send financial documents or other correspondence make sure that the pages are numbered, and they are in proper chronological or date order. There is nothing worse for your lawyer to receive a box of messed up documents.


If your lawyer has to sort this out for you – it will be costly and time-consuming too.


  1. Your Money Matters


Now that your relationship has ended, your money matters must be sorted and finalised. If you have never been interested, involved or even given any information about money, now is the time to start changing that.


Start with a Balance Sheet which outlines all yours and your ex-partners assets, liabilities and any financial resources that you each have. Don’t forget to mention superannuation and inheritances or monies in term deposit. Property overseas is also relevant.


If you have a mortgage and bills that need to be paid, make sure that you know what these are and work out (even short-term) arrangements to make sure that they are being paid.


Separation is not the time to stop paying your mortgage, rent or other household costs.


  1. Surround yourself with your dream team


Divorce and separation is tough!


Not only are your future hopes and dreams shattered but the world as you know it, is changing. You may not be able to afford your home, or you need to work longer hours to meet the bills or your children are spending less and less time with you and all your mutual friends have abandoned you, not wanting to take sides.


If this is you, then as hard as it may seem, its time to get into action with creating your dream team. These are the people (it may only be 1 or 2) who inspire you, support you and cheer you forward no matter what!


Your dream team could also be people that might inspire you on social media. It may be leaders, personal trainers or life coaches. These are all people who may not know you personally, but you can learn from them or take comfort because they have experienced challenges and have made it through.


Your dream team will save you legal dollars!


Instead of calling your lawyer for emotional support you can call a friend and grab a coffee!


  1. Use lawyer-assisted mediation


Often parties will attend mediation without a lawyer present. Although this may be suitable as a first step and some agreement may be reached, in many cases the best and long-term results are achieved using lawyer-assisted mediation.


Lawyer-assisted mediation is like mediation, except you and your ex- partner both have your own lawyers who will advise you on your rights and obligations throughout the mediation. In this way if you have any doubts or uncertainties about the issues that are being discussed they can be dealt with immediately by your lawyer.


Lawyer-assisted mediation brings a level playing field between you and your ex-partner. It’s particularly beneficial if you feel intimidated or you are worried that your ex may over-power you to agree to something you don’t want.


Lawyer-assisted mediation is worth investigating. Even though it may be slightly more expensive than mediation without lawyers, it is far cheaper than going to Court and the results are better for you , your family and financial future.


The 6 tips to avoid expensive divorce legal costs information provided here is not intended as legal advice. If you require legal advice for your individual separation or divorce, we are Sydney’s best family lawyers and can assist you. Contact us today.

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