Alexandra Monteiro Willcock

Associate Family Lawyer

Alexandra Monteiro Willcock

Associate Family Lawyer
Master of Law, Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce (S.Af.)

Alexandra is an experienced and skilled advocate in all Family Law Matters.  Having worked in South Africa as a Senior Barrister for 20 years, she is an eminent advocate who represents her clients with confidence, passion, and integrity.

Alexandra is a fierce opponent and has been successful in cases that involve International Relocations, Child Abductions, and all Hague Convention Applications.

Alexandra is knowledgeable in all complex Property and Spouse Maintenance Matters, including matters of inheritance and overseas property.  Alexandra is passionate about the protection of children’s best interests and is in the process of enrolling in her Doctorate Degree in International Abductions.

She can represent clients in all Family Violence matters, including defended Apprehended Domestic Violence applications.

When Alexandra is not reading or engaged in family law matters, she enjoys the company of her Husband and two teenage children.

She is a devoted pet owner of three gorgeous dogs and two cats and loves to take long walks along the beautiful Sydney Beaches.

Alexandra lives by the saying:
“be the change you want to see in the world”

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