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Pamela Cominos

Pamela Cominos

Principal | Collaborative Lawyer | Mediator
Masters of Arts ( Literature), Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Laws

Pamela established Cominos Family Lawyers in 2011. She was motivated to set up her practice after experiencing her own marriage breakdown. Unable to find a family lawyer who understood what she was going through or could support and guide her through the legal complexities, she decided to set up her own legal practice and transform how she approached family law matters with her clients.

Pamela is a “fit-preneuer”, which means that she operates her legal practice and staff with vitality and wisdom and incorporates into the daily practice of her personal and professional life physical activity, spiritual balance and emotional agility.

Since this time, Pamela has worked with her clients in an empathetic, dedicated and caring way.  She is a passionate about protecting her client’s interests and always finds ways to empower then, even in the most difficult circumstances.  She represents her clients in mediation, collaborative family law and as a last resort in going to Court.

She has represented CEO’s, managing directors and high net worth individuals. She deals with complex property and financial matters, which include assets overseas, business, companies and complex trust structures.

Pamela is an Independent Children’s Lawyer and has a deep knowledge of the legal complexities that involve children. She is passionate about protecting the rights of children.

To assist people going through a separation or divorce Pamela offers Mediation as an Independent Mediator. Her focus is on resolving conflict and keeping people out of Court. Pamela is also able to issue section 60I certificates, where mediation is not successful or is not suitable.

Pamela says:

“the best thing about being a family lawyer is the privilege of being  part of someone’s journey when they are going through a challenging time and  to assist them to come out the other side feeling empowered, safe and ready for the next stage of their life, I feel honored that my client’s have trusted me to be there with them.”

Pamela has always believed that the life changing experience of the breakdown of an intimate relationship is an opportunity for growth, learning and creating a better and brighter future for yourself and your family. She is committed to changing the face of family law and has done this by regularly writing thought provoking articles and blogs and by creating a new business called Healthy Divorce.

Should you wish to engage her services for family law advice, representation, or mediation, please email her at pamela@cominoslawyers.com.au


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