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Cominos Family Lawyers is proud to be affiliated with professional organisations that support lawyers, as well as organisations that provide education, fund raising and services for the advancement of our community. We offer our support to causes that promote tolerance, equality and respect for all.

Member of The Law Society of NSW
Law Society of NSW

We have been members of the Law Society of NSW since 2008. The Law Society of NSW is an organisation that supports and provides ongoing education to the NSW legal profession by providing legal seminars and professional development. Our family lawyers regularly attend seminars and further education on all areas of our legal practice and are up to date with our professional obligations and compliances.

Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia

Cominos Family Lawyers is committed to supporting the Family Law Council to provide strength and unity to the 2500 family law practitioners across Australia. The Family Law Section is a vital resource for all family law practitioners and keeps the profession updated of all current legislative changes.

Legal Aid NSW
Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) –Legal Aid NSW

At Cominos Family Lawyers we are very proud to be appointed and approved by NSW Legal Aid as independent children’s lawyers. Were appropriate we represent the best interests of children in custody matters. We are specialised family lawyers, trained in working with children and working to provide and assist the Court with our independence and expertise.…/independent-childrens-lawyer

Never Alone Luke Batty Foundation
Never Alone, Luke Batty Foundation

It is hard to walk away or turn ones back on the horror and reality of domestic violence. It is for this reason that Cominos Family Lawyers are proud supporters of Rosie Batty and her foundation. The foundation serves to remember and honour Rosie’s beloved son, Luke, who was murdered at the hands of his father and campaigns towards education and change in our understanding and treatment of family violence.

Give victims a voice by supporting Rosie Batty on:

White Ribbon Foundation
White Ribbon Foundation

If you are a man wanting to stop violence against women and children, then become a White Ribbon Ambassador and let us know! Change needs to come from our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, husband, and partners. Cominos Family Lawyers will be participating at the annual White Ribbon Day on 25 November.

Inner City Legal Centre
Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC)

Our family lawyers have been offering their legal services to the ICLC clients on a pro bono basis for many years. We feel that it is important that legal advice and information is made available and accessible to all members of the community and we seek to empower the disadvantaged.

Gay and Lesbian Flag
Gay and Lesbian Rights

At Cominos Family Lawyers we believe in equality, justice and tolerance. It is for this reason that we represent same sex clients and we believe in every individual having the right to live an authentic life and share the same rights and privileges as the rest of the community.