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Going to Court

Going to Court

Going to Court and need court  representation fast? We can help you! We are confident and strong advocates who have an understanding of Court practice and procedure. We can competently represent you in the various courts and in particular in the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court of Australia

Our family lawyers are able to represent you at mentions, direction hearings, interim and final hearings. If you have proceedings which require you to enforce Orders or where there has been a breached of Orders then we can represent in this matters.

Tips for Going to Court

  1. Ensure that you feel confident about your Family Lawyer.
  2. Tell you lawyer what you want to achieve by going to court.
  3. If you hold fears for your safety then make sure you tell your Family Lawyer , security can be arranged for you if required.
  4. The Court is a formal environment, so ensure your dress appropriately and you address the Judge in a formal manner.

We believe that Court should be a last resort after all other avenues to settle your matters have been explored and exhausted. If going to Court is your only option or you have no choice then we will be well-prepared, competent and fight hard for your rights.

Cominos Family Lawyers. Call 02 8999 1800 or email us here.  Offices in Sydney CBD and Double Bay, Eastern Suburbs.