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Fighting for Child Custody?

Are you and your ex, in dispute over whom your child or children live with?

Whether you or not depends primarily on whether it is in the best interest of the child or children to live with one parent primarily as opposed to the other parent.

The Family Law Act 1975, provides direction and guidance to the Court as to how best to award child custody. An example of a case where Cominos Family Lawyers won child custody for dad is below: One of my clients recently won the full time care of his 4 year old daughter because we were able to show that the mother’s ability to care for the child and protect her from neglect was diminished.

The mother was initially the primary carer of the child, however after we showed the court that the mother was not meeting the child’s needs, by failing to care adequately for her. Further it was shown that the mother was not willing to facilitate a relationship between the child and her father and the mother was unable to communicate with the father, without being abusive to him in the presence of the child, it was decided by the Court, that in the best interests of the child, child custody should be awarded to her father.
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