Going To Court- Family Law

Going to court for your family law matter is a daunting and uncertain time. Even if you are the one who started the Court process, it is still a difficult time. Most people avoid confrontation and conflict and hope that their parenting or financial matters will resolve with discussion, negotiation or mediation.
If you find yourself either starting the Court process (going to court) or having to respond , then this article will help you.

Family Court of Australia

Family Court of Australia

What you should know about going to court for your family law matters.
1. The first date at Court, may be a day where a lot happens in your matter and you need to spend the entire day at court, or it may be day where your matter is mentioned and the Judge requires you and your ex- partner to provide further documents or to attend a court appointed counsellor if it is a parenting matter.

2. The Family Court is a formal environment, so it is very important that whilst inside the court room you remain calm and are able to listen to what the Judge has to say about your matter.

3. The first day at court, can sometimes be an opportunity for your lawyer and your ex partner’s lawyers to meet, discuss your matter and sometimes make offers to each other. In fact the Judge where appropriate will ask you and your ex-partner with the assistance of your lawyers to try and resolve some of the issues that you have not agreed on.

4. It is very important that you have thought about and know what you want to achieve from Court before you get there. Going to Court  for your family law matter and in particular the first day is a new experience and you can get caught up in your stress and anxiety instead of knowing what you want results you want.

5. Be willing to look at the big picture. Think about your future and that of your children, if your matter involves a parenting matter and where possible try to reach agreement because if you don’t, then a Judge who does not know you, your children or your concerns will make a decision for you.

The information contained herein is of a general nature and is not legal advice, if you require legal advice then contact us and we will assist you.
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