We all know that intimate relationships are fragile and sometimes, whether we wanted it or not, they come to an  end. If your relationship has ended and you are going through a separation or divorce and you and your former partner shared money, property or children, then you are most likely to  require the assistance of a Family Lawyer, even if your separation is what you both wanted. Most people get a referral to a Family Lawyer from a friend or acquaintance or  they search online. This article is written to assist you to choose the right Family Lawyer for you. The right Family Lawyer will educate, empower and protect your interests. They will not take advantage of your vulnerability or inexperience with the law.

Many people are hurt, upset and angry when their significant relationship ends and sadly want to “punish”, threaten or intimidate their former partner. They feel that by choosing a “tough”, aggressive or litigious lawyer that somehow they will get the upper hand or get what they want and prove themselves right and the other person wrong.

Choosing an aggressive family lawyer, may sound like a good idea for a moment, but the reality of this approach is that it does not assist you to create a healthy and better divorce. By choosing an aggressive and non-compromising family lawyer, you will discover  that they:

  • don’t care about the impact on your family
  • don’t care what it costs you
  • don’t empower you or educate you
  • don’t encourage you to mediate or collaborate
  • change their “gun-ho” position and blame you or for not giving “proper instruction”
  • don’t talk about settlement

    Many thousands of dollars later, you are left wondering why you are still unable to settle your matter, why  you are not told you are “right” and why you are not getting everything that was promised to you by your “tough” family lawyer.

    Although it is understandable and natural to feel disappointed, hurt or upset about the end of your relationship, it will not help you, or your children, to choose a Family Lawyer that does not see that divorce or separation is an event that sometimes happens in life, it’s neither good or bad, it just is and the most important thing to know is that life goes on after divorce for everyone.

    Choosing a Family Lawyer that is right for you, is finding that person who not only says but does the following:

  • cares about you as a person and does not see you as a billable number
  • is realistic about what you will get and does not promise everything and deliver nothing
  • does not always agree with you
  • is ethical and always puts your interests before that of their own
  • is aware of the high costs of going to Court and tells you that Court is a place of last resort
  • does not tell you that your matter is unusual, different and that the Court will give you priority
  • encourages you to collaborate or use lawyer-assisted mediation, even where a mediation you had with your former partner has failed in the past
  • is child focused and knows the harmful effects conflict between parents has on children, no matter what their age
  • knows that communication with your former partner is crucial to have a healthy divorce
  • knows that there is life after divorce

    We know how important it is to choose the right Family Lawyer, we are dedicated and ethical lawyers who go the extra mile for you and care about you as  a person. We know that you are going through a life changing event and you will have lot of questions. You may be feeling vulnerable, sad and confused,  finding the right Family Lawyer, will give you peace of mind, confidence and protect your interests.  Contact us today.