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Our Difference

We care, we listen and we go the extra-mile for you.

Our lawyers are experts in Family Law, Wills and Estate and Property matters. We truly are a legal practice that is holistic and looks after the needs of your entire family. We focus on what is best for you and your family and listen to your needs, interests and concerns. In everything we say and do, we put you first.

Our difference, is that all our lawyers are Senior lawyers and have a wealth of life and professional experience. We do not employ junior lawyers because we know that family Law issues are complex and sensitive and require a mature, pragmatic and considered approach.

When you engage our firm, you will work with the Senior Lawyer that you have met with and your work will be prepared, reviewed and advised by our Senior Lawyer, it will never be handed to our para-legal.

We tirelessly work to keep your matters out of Court and want you to achieve the best results possible with the least emotional and financial expense. This is our difference.

We are aware of the costs of legal representation and we pride ourselves on offering you solutions that are cost-effective. We know that often people are left in debt or financially worse off because of their exorbitant legal costs. You will never be surprised by unexpected legal fees.

We offer first-class advice and legal representation by ensuring that all our lawyers are kept up to date with the latest changes in the law and we promote a healthy work/life balance.

We know that to perform the very best for you, we must be at our  peak and with this in mind, we have created Australia’s first Healthy Family Law Practice, where we offer our staff weekly personal training sessions, flexible working hours and healthy food choices.

We know that pets are therapeutic and Honey our moodle is no exception. Honey brings a sense of calm and comfort to our staff and clients alike.

Come and try our difference, we know you won’t be disappointed. All appointments are confidential, we would love to hear from you today, contact us.

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