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Fixed Fee – Value Based Legal Pricing

We are an innovative legal practice that is always thinking of new ways of serving our clients.

We have implemented a fixed fee, value based pricing service, that provides you with an upfront fixed fee cost at the beginning of your matter.

Traditionally legal firms bill by an hourly rate and provide you with an estimate of costs. It is our experience that this way of billing, does not suit everyone and sometimes our clients request a  fixed fee option.

We have created a  fixed fee, value-based approach to legal fees, where we listen to your needs and requirements, consider the scope of work involved and where suitable, we will provide you with a tailored fixed fee value-based pricing package . In this way you will be able to plan in advance the legal costs required for your matter and you will have peace of mind and certainty about the fees that you will pay.

We give you a  fixed fee pricing options that is specifically designed for your legal needs and the results that you want to achieve.

If you are interested in finding out more about fixed fee, value based pricing please contact us today.

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