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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to transform the face of family law, so that divorce or separation is not seen as a failure or someone’s fault but rather as a life event that occurs whether we wanted it or not. We believe that from adversity we can create opportunity for growth and a better and brighter future for ourselves, our children and our families.

We believe that you can truly transform the experience of divorce and the end of a relationship to an experience that is better and healthy. Pamela our principal has founded in 2017 Healthy Divorce, to encourage people who had experienced the end of a significant relationship to move forward in life and to rebuild their lives in empowering, happier and meaningful ways.

Our vision is to keep families, especially with children out of Court and to do whatever we can as legal professionals to find solutions and resolutions to conflict. Even when we are in Court advocating for the rights of our client we focus on negotiation and finding ways to move forward and move out of the Court system as promptly and efficiently as possible.

We believe that children caught in parental conflict whether it is during a relationship or after separation or divorce will suffer long term emotional and psychological damaging effects and we are committed to protecting children from this harm.


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