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With our 5-step proven process you will have consistency, transparency, and clear pathways for the resolution of your matter. Contact us, we can help!

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Our Proven Process

At Cominos Family Lawyers we know that transparency, honesty, being upfront and no hidden costs are vital to you receiving quality service and representation.

We have developed and follow a 5-step proven process to give you confidence and reassure you every step of the way. With our 5-step proven process you will have consistency, transparency, and clear pathways for the resolution of your matter.

Step 1: Discovery Meeting (60 Minutes) 

This is a 60-minute confidential meeting about you and your specific family law matter.  You will have a face to face meeting with our Managing Principal and one of our experienced Family Lawyers who will:

▪ Spend time with you gaining a greater insight into your matter and any immediate challenges or risks you may face;

▪ Answer any specific questions you have as well as providing preliminary legal outcomes and strategy for your matter;

▪ Provide you with clear next steps to move forward.

Step 2: Next Steps (within 7 days)

Following the Discovery Meeting, we will send you:

▪ An upfront clear estimate or fixed fee of costs for your matter. You will not receive any surprises or ‘hidden’ costs;

▪ An email outlining our next steps to progress your matter;

▪ A calendar invitation within 7 days to meet with you to discuss options and review the status of your matter. 

Step 3: Develop a viable strategy (within 1-4 weeks)

We plan, advise and decide on the best strategy for your individual situation to address your needs, interests, and concerns.

Step 4: Implement the strategy (within 4-12 weeks)

Having thoughtfully and strategically considered your individual situation and provided you with all legal advice and options available, we then proceed to implement the strategy through:

▪ Negotiation;

▪ Mediation;

▪ Arbitration;

▪ Going to Court, only if absolutely necessary.

Step 5: Resolve with real results (3-24 months)

We stand with you to resolve your family law matter, be that divorce, child custody, property, or any of the other legal services we offer. We resolve by agreement or final court orders.  We get you real results that allow you to move forward in your life with confidence.


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