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Child Custody and Parenting Matters

Child Custody and Parenting Matters

Dealing with the breakdown of your marriage or de facto relationship can be difficult and challenging. It becomes even more complex when children are involved. It is for this reason that at Cominos Family Lawyers we take a sensitive and caring approach to matters that deal with child custody and parenting arrangements.

Where it is possible we encourage our clients to sort out the arrangements for their children in an amicable and co-operative manner. It is imperative that the focus in any discussions or negotiation is the best interest of the children.

Parenting arrangements and child custody involves making decisions about where children will live, whom they will spend time with and whether this time will be fluid and flexible or whether it will be definite, such as every alternate weekend or 4 nights out of 14. It also involves major issues such as where the children will attend school and whether they can be permitted to travel with each parent.

Grandparents and other people who are interested in the care of the children may also wish to continue their relationship with the children despite the children’s parents no longer being together, we are of course able to assist in these situations.

If you are a separated or divorced parent, and you are unsure of your rights and obligations when it comes to the parenting or custody arrangements for your children then the way forward is getting legal advice so that you are able to make informed decisions about these very important matters.

Unfortunately, sometimes parents are unable to agree on the best parenting arrangements or child custody for their children and as a last resort the Court will assist these parents to sort out these matters or make Orders which the Court believes will be in the best interest of the children. At Cominos Family Lawyers, our family lawyers will represent you with confidence, care and commitment. We also act as Independent Children’s Lawyers when we are required to do so, in those circumstances our role is to assist the Court and to represent the best interests of the children.

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