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Child Support

Child Support

All parents have a duty to care for and financially maintain their children. If you are a parent and need information about child support, your obligations and your rights, then contact Cominos Family Lawyers for advice.

Child support is governed by the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 and provides for the Child Support Agency to calculate and collect child support from the liable parent. A child support application cannot be made under the Family Law Act 1975, unless the application for an administrative assessment of child support cannot be made by the Child Support Agency.

Getting an accurate  child support assessment can assist you and make a difference to your family. You can also enter into a limited or binding child support agreement if you consider that this is appropriate for your situation.

Frequently asked questions for child support

When can I apply for child support?
You can apply for child support anytime, provided that you are separated from the other parent. There is no time limit after a separation as to when a child support application can be made.

How is child support calculated?
The child support agency uses a formula which is based on the cost of raising children, the income of both parents and the care arrangements of the children and whether the parents have any children in other child support cases.

When does child support stop?
Child support will stop when your child attains the age of 18 years or completes Year 12. Where a child marries or enters a de facto relationship or if deceased then child support will also stop.
Who can I appeal to if I am not happy with the child support assessment?

All appeals are made to the Social Services & Child Support Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

If you need any further information about child support or child support agreements please contact us.

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