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Dealing with the breakdown of your marriage or de facto relationship can be a difficult and challenging time and becomes even more complex when children  are involved. In Australia, each year there are approximately 43,000 children who go through divorce and this number does not include children from separated de facto relationships.

We take a sensitive and caring approach to all matters that involve children.

Separated or divorced parents need to make decisions about their children’s living arrangements (child custody). Where it is possible we encourage our clients to sort out the custody and parenting arrangements for their children in an amicable and co-operative manner by either, participating in mediation , collaboration , or negotiation .

It is important that all discussions focus on the best interests of the children and when age appropriate the consideration of the children’s wishes.

Unless sole parental responsibility has been granted to one parent by the Court, both parents have parental responsibility. Equal shared parental responsibility means that both parents discuss and share the decision making about long term issues that affect their children. Long term decisions include the child’s name, education, medical treatment and religion.

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