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Consent Orders

Many separating parents can come to an agreement regarding the care or custody arrangements of their children either through mediation, collaborative family law or negotiations.

If you and your former partner have come to an agreement regarding the care arrangements of your children and you wish to formalise the agreement, you can enter Consent Orders.

Consent Orders are legally binding and enforceable agreements, that are made by the Court. The process does not involve any Court attendance, but it does involve the filing of an Application for Consent Orders, together with the proposed Orders and annexure documents that are attached to the proposed Orders that advises the Court of any family violence or risk issues.

The law encourages all separating parents to prioritize their children and reach agreements about the care  of their children.

Our Senior Family Lawyers have expertise in drafting Orders for you that will accurately reflect your agreements in writing, so that you and your former partner can continue parenting your children with clarity, confidence and certainty.

Consent Orders can deal with matters including where your children will live, which parent they will live with or spend time and can deal with communication arrangements, as well as all travel and school holiday arrangements.

Consent Orders can also deal with major issues that affect the care and welfare of children, such as whether the children will live overseas or interstate, and what schools they will attend.

For those people, who have also reached agreement about property or spousal maintenance matters then these matters can also be included in Consent Orders.

We can provide you with a fixed fee option for all Consent Orders. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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