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The Divorce Process in Australia is a “no fault divorce” system. This means that you can divorce your former partner and you do not need to  explain the reason or  show fault.

The only criteria that is required is that the marriage has “broken down irretrievably” and there is no likelihood that you and your former partner will resume your marriage. To show that your marriage has broken down irretrievably you must prove that you and your former partner have been separated for 12 months.

It is common for people to separate, “living under the one roof,” if this is your situation, then you will simply need to prove to the Court that you are separated even though you are living under the one roof, and the best way to show this is by affidavit evidence.

Joint or Sole Divorce Applications

The Divorce process allows you to file your divorce jointly or individually. If it is done individually then it is important that the Divorce Application is served upon your former partner.

Going to Court

We are experienced court room lawyers and can attend Court for your Divorce Application.  Our offices are conveniently located close to the Family Court of Australia in Sydney and we regularly attend the Court on behalf of our clients.

Legal Costs

We are aware that legal costs can add pressure to your change of circumstances, it is for this reason that we provide you with peace of mind by offering you a fixed fee-value based legal price for all Divorce Applications. With our fixed fee pricing, you will will know well in advance the  full costs of our services, with no hidden surprises.

Property and Parenting Matters

The Application for Divorce and the Divorce Order itself, does not  deal with child custody , property or spousal maintenance matters.

If you are having difficulty with your former partner or you have not settled your family law matters,  we are willing and able to assist you. You do not need to be divorced to deal with the outstanding matters between you and your former spouse.

We can assist you with  your Divorce Application and your parenting and property matters. If you would like more information, please contact us today.

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