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At Cominos Family Lawyers, we are committed to the process of mediation for all family and de facto law matters.  Mediation offers separating couples an opportunity to meet in a confidential and non-threatening environment to discuss, negotiate and settle their disagreements. Not only is mediation beneficial for you and your former partner, but where children are involved, it is particularly important, as they see their parents finding solutions and opens the communication to moving  forward and focus on their children’s best interests.

Lawyer-Assisted Mediation

At Cominos Family lawyers, our lawyers have attended hundreds of “lawyer-assisted meditations”. These meditations are highly recommended because they involve the assistance of an Accredited Mediator and family lawyers, who represent the interests of their clients. Lawyer assisted mediations are highly successful in settling many family law matters as individuals participating in the lawyer-assisted mediation feel protected and have their individual lawyers present to advise them regarding their child custody , property or spousal maintenance concerns.

 Should I attend a Lawyer-Assisted Mediation?

If the opportunity arises for you and your former partner to attend a lawyer-assisted mediation, then the benefits include:

  • More cost-effective process, than negotiations or litigation.
  • You control the process and the outcome of you family law matters. You, together with us, manage your matter, so that it stays on track and resolution can be reached.
  • Flexibility– the lawyer-assisted mediation, allows you and your former partner to structure your agreement in ways that best suits you and your family.
  • Mutuality– when you both agree to attend the process, then you are more likely to settle and compromise.
  • Confidentiality– the mediation process has the added benefit of being confidential.
  • The agreements that you enter are legally binding and they can be drafted as Consent Orders or Binding Financial Agreements.

We specialise in lawyer-assisted mediation  and know that if you are separating and need to resolve parenting, property, spousal maintenance or child support matters, then this can be a highly effective resolution process.

In addition to providing our legal services in  lawyer-assisted mediations, our Principal , Pamela Cominos is available to mediate your matters.  Pamela is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

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