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At Cominos Family Lawyers, we are committed to the process of mediation for all family and de facto law matters.

Mediation is compulsory in all parenting matters, unless there are circumstances that make it not suitable to mediate matters, such as family violence.

Mediation can assist with child custody and parenting arrangements and help separated parents to work out what works best for their children. Mediation can be conducted with the presence and assistance of family lawyers or with a qualified mediator and the parties.

“I really loved the approach of Pamela, she told me that Court is the very last option. She then referred me and my ex -wife to mediation and after few sessions with the mediator we reached agreement on our children and finances. Pamela then drafted the consent Orders for us.”
Paul, 45

We can refer you to a mediators both in the Sydney CBD and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney- if your matter is urgent, we can arrange mediation to occur as soon as possible to assist you.

Mediation is also very suitable for most property and financial matters and the benefits of mediation are many including:-

1. Costs – your costs will be significantly reduced if you can avoid the court process and resolve your matter promptly;

2. Control – parties have significantly more control over their own affairs when they take the decision-making process into their hands, rather than letting the court decide;

3. Flexibility – the mediation process allows parties to be innovative in the way they structure their agreement. The mediation processes allow you to think outside the box and beyond simply the ‘legal’ options;

4. Mutuality – when the parties come to the table and agree to mediate, they are more likely to make reasonable concessions if they feel that the other party is also willing to make reasonable concessions;

5. Confidentiality – the mediation process has the added benefit of being confidential, meaning that the agreement reached is kept between you and your ex-partner. Court proceedings occur in public and are a matter of public record. Although the court employs pseudonyms for parties when there matters are published, your matter can still be accessed by the general public.

If you and your ex- spouse or partner reach agreement, then we can draft the agreement into enforceable Orders known as Consent Orders or Financial Agreements.

Cominos Family Lawyers. Call 02 8999 1800 or email us here.