We know that divorce triggers distress, uncertainty and upheaval in people’s lives (including children and even pets). Every effort must be made to explore non-litigious (other options than going to court) ways of settling your divorce as amicably as possible.

In Australia we are lucky to have a ‘no fault’ divorce system. We have options and support available to choose which pathway we will use to settle divorce matters. Going to court is a last resort and does not foster a healthy divorce experience.

A better and more valuable and effective option for people wanting to control the divorce process, learn effective ways to communicate post-separation and save time and legal costs is Collaborative Family Law Mediation.

What is Collaborative Family Law Mediation?

Collaborative Family Law Mediation is a voluntary process. It is a confidential process that involves each party’s lawyer together with a collaborative family law coach. You and your ex-partner may also agree to invite other professionals (such as accountants, valuers, child psychologists).

If you and your ex agree to participate in Collaborative Family Law, you meet face to face with your lawyers and coach at times agreed to discuss and move through all concerns that arise from your divorce, including children, money, accommodation.

Why Collaborative Family Law is a Healthy Way to Divorce!

There is a myriad of benefits for using Collaborative Family Law! Below are some benefits you must consider:

  • You set the agenda and topics of discussion at each meeting
  • You are always legally represented
  • You focus on the present and the future not the past
  • You re-learn how to communicate with you ex and build trust
  • You save legal costs
  • There are no threats of litigation
  • You make decision collaboratively and with support from professionals
  • You will get a fair property settlement
  • Your agreements become legally binding
  • You get an opportunity to be friends with your ex post divorce

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