Why Collaborative Family Law ?

The answer is simple. Collaboration is about win-win, it’s about transparency, it’s about being heard, it’s about listening to the other person, it’s about co-operation.

Collaborative Family Law is all about your family and offers a way of protecting them from a nasty and litigious divorce.

In fact, if you have children, you will want to use a process that protects them from conflict, confusion and instability- the Collaborative Family Law process will support you to achieve this for your children.



Opt into the Collaborative Family Law Process and protect your children

7 things to know about Collaborative Family Law

  1. Your lawyer must be collaboratively trained to participate in the process;
  2. The Collaborative Family Law process is facilitated and managed by a professionally trained coach/mediator;
  3. You, your ex and all the professionals involved in the Collaborative Family Law process sign a participation agreement, and promise to not go to Court or threaten to go to Court;
  4. It is especially beneficial for separating couples with children;
  5. It is not a soft option or for separating couples who are amicable;
  6. You get legal advice and protection;
  7. It is an empowering and satisfying process, where you are in control of the process at all times.

If you are thinking that the Collaborative Family law process is a soft option or for couples whose separation is amicable, then think again.

The process is especially suited to couples who have difficulties communicating with each other and the decision to separate has not been made by agreement or together.

Case Study

” Debra* was in shock ! She had just found out that the man whom she loved , the father of her 3 children, whom she had been married to for 12 years, was having an affair and wanted a divorce.

Debra was lost, confused, angry and hurt. At first she wanted to “punish” her ex and make him suffer by making the divorce as long and difficult as possible.

Luckily she came across a Collaboratively trained Family Lawyer*, who explained to her that she had a choice- a choice to end the marriage with pride and power or to end it with bitterness and emptiness.

Debra wanted to protect herself and her children and although she wanted what she deserved in the property matters , she also did not want to drag her ex, her children and her family through the Court-room mud.

Debra chose the Collaborative process and although it was not always a smooth road or sunshine and rainbows, it certainly was a far better way of dealing with all the parenting concerns and issues that needed to be sorted and was a better way to work through the complexities of the financial matters between her and her ex. ”

If you are experiencing a separation or divorce, choose to opt out of the Court system and turn your consideration to Collaborative family law.

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*Real name has not been used.

*Pamela Cominos is a collaboratively trained lawyer.